Emraan Hashmi requests PPC to delay the release of ‘Rush’

Emraan Hashmi’s newly-acknowledged superstar status has suddenly provided him with a certain leeway regarding his releases. That fact that he has four releases coming up in four months starting in May has prompted him to ensure the releases are spaced out to the satisfaction of the producers and the actor.

Apparently, he has asked Percept Pictures to pull out of the current July release for their film Rush so that it doesn’t get lost in the other Emraan releases, namely Jannat 2, Shanghai and Raaz 3 which are being released one after another between May and August.

Says a source, “Emraan has never had so many releases in such quick succession. And he doesn’t want audiences to suffer overkill. So he asked Percept Pictures to postpone Rush to a later date.”

Shailendra Singh of Percept confirmed this. “It is true. Emraan thinks it’s unwise to release Rush during such a rush-hour of his releases. He has got Jannat 2, Shanghai and Raaz 3 along with our film Rush coming up one after the other. We decided it would be more sensible to hold our film back.”

Adds Singh, “Emraan is not only the star attraction of Rush, we are also treating him like a co-producer on the project. If he thinks we should wait a while before releasing Rush, we will.”

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