Barbara Mori sends temperatures soaring with GQ

She is the latest ‘import’ to Bollywood from the foreign shores. She goes by the name of Barbara Mori, the very name that brought the whole of Bollywood to a standstill, not just with her stunning beauty, but also with her smooth and swift dancing skills in the recently released flick Kites. In the latest edition of GQ, Barbara bares her heart out and makes an immovable place in the readers’ heart. She talks about the advantages of being a young mother, rumors of her so-called-affair with her Kites costar Hrithik Roshan, her son’s reaction to the so-called- affair, her take on men, her take on intimate scenes, and she does answer if its really difficult to date as a single mom! She also speaks about her fight with the dreaded cancer and how she emerged a clear winner! She does answer a few rapid fire questions, something that has to be read in order to be believed! All in all, this edition of GQ is surely a Collector’s Item! Three words… Go for it!
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