My Friends Dulhania

Aryan and Mahira a young couple are merged into singularity by the ubiquity of Love. Geographical distance notwithstanding with Aryan having settled in Mumbai and Mahira studying at a college in Delhi; their love blossoms with each passing day. Aryan having found his heart’s true calling and a soulmate in Mahira decides to propose her and permanently seal their union through the bond of marriage.
Aryan reaches Delhi with great expectations and anticipation, for he had full faith in his love. But all his aspirations were drastically shattered when found out that Mahira had unexpectedly abandoned him. Like a whiff of smoke she disappeared into thin air, cutting all ties and contacts with Aryan. This incident changed Aryan and leaves him with a bruised soul, which constantly seeks to gather the shattered fragments of his broken heart albeit unsuccessfully.
2 years later…

The regularity of Aryans existence is stirred when he along with two of his old college friends Harsh- a Casanova who proclaims so and the astute Sneha, receives an unexpected phone call. The call which manifests in the form of an wedding invitation is from their fourth comrade Sajad, who invites his friends to his marriage which is to be held in Bhaderwah; a beautiful town in Jammu and Kashmir. The three friends are overwhelmed with joy and surprise at this news. They board the same train from their respective cites to become a part of this exhilarating celebration and as well as reaffirm their old friendship.
After reaching their destination and indulging in a joyful reunion, the trio engages themselves at their friend’s pre wedding celebrations where they insist the groom to show the picture of his would-be bride. Sajad sheepishly passes the photo to his friends. They admire her beauty one by one. But when it reaches Arayan he receives a bolt from the blue. For the picture is none other than that of Mahira – the only person in Aryans life who was the cause of his happiness as well the reason of his tears.

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