South Sudan Referendum Commission Chief Is Bias

"I believe Mr. Ibrahim Khalil is a spoiler posted by the National Congress Party (NCP) few elements within that party to thwart the aspiration of the people of Southern Sudan."

Professor Mohamed Ibrahim Khalil has cracked and should immediately resign his position as head of an important and sensitive exercise known as referendum. The law is crystal clear that unity or separation are open options for anyone (Sudanese) legible to vote in January next year. We are hearing the Commission boss talking bullshit, that one item namely unity should be advocated on the expense of the other. He attempted to gag His Excellency the Governor of Eastern Equatoria Cde Louis Lobong Lojore by alleging breach of the constitution on the same, when Cde Lobong came out to campaign for separation. Mr. Governor in an interview over UN local Radio known as Miraya makes no retractions, a superb rebound from a patriot.

My hat lower down in respect to you my dear brother and comrade-in-arms – Mr. Lololomoe (Brig. Louis Lobong Lojore Loyanamoe)- for being the first top Southerner leader (contemporary at least) to claim that unalienable right at a brought day light.

Mr. Pagan Amum, the SPLM Secretariat head has also proved to be a man enough. A cause like freedom for your people is indeed a big cause, and believed we aren’t anymore orphans after the mysterious disappearance of great man Dr. John Garang. Mr. Lobong was right democratically to go public about his future and future of his people. That is leadership! No time for ‘Tom’ and ‘Jerry’ characters. There is no violation after all in the book and in the air for any Southerner going for either way. The impartial Professor made no mistake to abuse his office; he even embarrass himself after failing to refer to that piece of the law that prohibited anyone from campaigning for separation. Professor Ibrahim was deadly wrong and should apologize to Southern public, if he wants to continue in his office for the next five months.

Look, we are told by this man that the governor of Eastern Equatoria State (EES) is trying to coerce citizens of the EES to vote for separation, a sheer rubbish that doesn’t make legal and political sense. Now if we go by this line, what is it the people of EES would expect from their duly elected governor to say at this crucial stage of writing history? Can he just be quiet and not say anything about what is happening for his people? I don’t think this is a way to go.

How about when Ustaz Ali Osman Mohamed Al Taha, one of the architects of the Naivasha Peace Accord campaign openly against separation, why didn’t he come up and condemn him, for having breached a CPA spirit and the constitution? He (Ustaz Al Tah) released millions of pounds to buy unity from Southerners, what does the professor say about that? President Al Bashir himself had in many occasions called for unity, but always quick to add that he can respect the rights of Southerners if they go otherwise, was he breaking any law and if not why making fuss when one brave leader in the South stands out to declare his intention? Mr. Lobong is not joking, he means want he said, and his people are 100% behind him. People have gone to their pockets toward that regard.

I believe Mr. Ibrahim Khalil is a spoiler posted by the National Congress Party (NCP) few elements within that party to thwart the aspiration of the people of Southern Sudan. This is why? He had requested secretly the postponement of the Referendum date by presenting the request to the President of the Republic. One of his reasons was time, to conduct fair and credible referendum. He reasoned that the period leading to next year referendum is too short for his team to organize themselves in-terms of policies, registration, recruitment, civic education, general logistics etc.

He failed however to convince anyone that time is an issue but the will to do the exercise. The will we are talking about here literally means the transparency that goes with the Commission intention, preparedness and conviction. What we know is that the NCP is panicking and are on anything that will stop the march by the people of Southern Sudan. Even the issue of Secretary General appointment for the Commission was capriciously made as an issue to settle a score against Southerners. That is, if they (Southerners) insist on it, the time for talking will eat up the time for voting, which the other party (the NCP) had hoped it happen that way.

Professor Mo straying from one argument to the other shows he is a schemer. The issues Mr. Ibrahim talked about including this issue of disagreement as to which party should nominate a person for Secretary Generalship for the Commission isn’t entirely his problems.

About policies for the Commission, no one knows what policies are saying here. Because already we have everything outlined in the Commission Bill, and passed as an Act through the National Assembly in Khartoum. The tiny details or internal regulations and practices/rules about what to do and how to do them are just elementary; our last election had taught us some useful lessons. The April election was much complicated than the Referendum. Registration again is little deal, even if this is wet season. It should have been over by now if this man and his team were serious.

What is it the learned professor would wish to do by extending the voting date? Well, this is what I think is his drive: the good Professor is playing a dirty card (delaying tactics) and should be stopped. By starting to temper with legal rights of Southerners, and then raise unnecessary voice against SPLM request for Secretary Generalship, the old man has disqualified himself and should resign. That man must not step foot into the Southern soil! Official statement should have been issued by the SPLM Secretariat about this man bad mouthing. He got to go or shut up!

He can’t be a referee and a player at the same time; he has a huge conflict of interest superimpose on his national duties. By asking us to campaign for unity as a priority, makes him not anymore neutral. He had directly gone ahead of everyone about that choice. His assault against His Excellency the Governor of EES had not only unravelled what we all know from that side, but has actually sharpened our resolve to say no to this man and his package (unity). Mr. Lobong on the other hand had expressed what resonate well with most Southerners. He scratched an important area of disagreement and contention.

Leaders therefore in that category should come clean like Mr. Lobong, and not to hide their ‘tails’ for fear of being reprimanded by those who always want to keep us as second class citizens. Time for hiding our faces for our rights is long gone. We must ALL stare fear in the eyed about this matter (independence) and say yes for separation, irrespective of our position in the government.

Noise from the other side in fact can’t change the tide. Your Excellency the Vice President of our Republic (Dr. Machar), we beseech you to stop this man called Mohamed Ibrahim Khalil. Sir don’t give in to the NCP about the Referendum Commission Secretary General. That is where the life line for the Commission lies. Remember Mr. Mohamed has also cited with hard liners within the NCP who are opposed to Southerner appointed as the Commission Secretary General. There is a high likelihood that Professor Ibrahim will resign. If that happens, Khartoum will start to misbehave and this is my word: sit down with our President (Kiir), other heavy weights and go against the grain (UDI). Our people are behind you 180%, to defend their rights! Mr. Ibrahim many ethokon!

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