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United States Debt By President    I haven't updated a posting on the federal government debt for some time and thought, in light of the recent White House budget and, in advance of the mid-2015 deadline for raising the debt ceiling and the fact that Washington will technically reach the debt limit on March 15th, I thought that
Wal-Mart to Pay $150,000 to Settle EEOC Age and Disability Discrimination Suit   Keller Store Manager Was Harassed and Fired Because of His Age and Denied Accommodation for His Diabetes

EEOC, DALLAS – Wal-Mart Stores of Texas, L.L.C. (Wal-Mart) has agreed to pay $150,000 and provide other significant relief to settle an age and disability discrimination

Washington's Looming Debt Problem   The White House recently predicted that the budget for Fiscal Year 2016 will produce the smallest budget deficit in eight years, predicting a deficit of $474 billion in 2016 or 2.5 percent of GDP as shown on this table:
You will
America's Racial Wealth Gap   An interesting feature by the Urban Institute summarizes the growing wealth inequality in the United States in nine charts which show how the wealth gap has varied by race and age.  In this posting, I'll pick four charts that succinctly explain how wealth varies with race and the reasons
American Household Debt Walking the Knife Edge   Unsustainable household debt was one of the core issues (other than Wall Street and its imaginative use of supposedly AAA-rated securities that were derived from household debt) that touched off the 2008 financial crisis.  While the United States saw its household debt-to-disposable income
Explaining the High Cost of Prescription Drugs in America    One part of the Affordable Care Act that gets almost no attention from the media is the "Physician Payment Sunshine Act" or section 6002 of the ACA, the text of which can be found here.  By law, starting in 2014, a publicly available Open Payments Data website, managed by the
The Economic Impact of Lowering America's Corporate Tax Rate    Back in early 2014, the Congressional Research Service released a very interesting study that looked at the implications of lowering the federal component of the statutory corporate income tax regime.  In this study, the author, Jane Gravelle, compared the corporate tax rates of other nations

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