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President Obama Celebrates Gospel Music History   Aretha Franklin and T Bone Burnett highlight White House concert to be televised June 25th, 2015 on PBS

By Stephen Pate – African Americans created two of the most enduring musical forms – gospel and the blues – despite hundreds of years of enslavement and

Raising Funds for Hillary Clinton   While we won't know for some time who is financially backing Hillary Clinton's run for the White House in 2016, we can look back at her past fundraising history to get a sense of who donated to her 2008 campaign for the presidency.
Gun Rights, Gun Control and Spending in Washington   It has been some time since I updated my posting on spending in Washington by both pro- and anti-gun interest groups in the United States so here is an update using data from Open Secrets.org.

As I have noted in the past, there is a long history of inability by the federal government to do
Funding Rand Paul's Political Career in America   In this posting, I will look at the career political spending and fundraising by Rand Paul, the most recent Republican Party Candidate for the 2016 election cycle.  The 52 year old high profile Republican Senator from Kentucky and son of libertarian two-time presidential candidate Ron Paul, was
The Unemployment Insurance Recipiency Rate   While the media focuses on the headline unemployment and newly unemployed statistics, it tends to forget about Americans that have been excluded from collecting state unemployment benefits, the only benefits that were available to unemployed workers after the federal emergency unemployment benefits
Wall Street Bonuses and America's Minimum Wage Earners   Recent news that the Wall Street banking system handed out bonuses totalling $28.5 billion to its 167,800 employees during 2014 is really not all that shocking, even when the bonuses are added to the average base salary of $190,970 (2013 average).  According to the New York State
Ted Cruz and His Donor Base   With Ted Cruz heading toward a 2016 run for President, I wanted to take a look at who his important supporters are, you know, the ones that speak with dollars.  The ones that he will really listen to.   From Open Secrets, here is

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