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Who's Missing? Voting and Not Voting in American Congress   One of the most important responsibilities of being a politician is voting on legislation.  We all know that most politicians vote along party lines, however, if they are not even present to vote, there is absolutely no way that they can represent any segment of those who voted them into
What You Haven't Heard About The University Of Missouri Protests
Photo: Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images.
  Students at the University of Missouri, located in the city of Columbia, vowed to make their school a better place, and they're still trying. Protests led by Concerned Student 1950 — a group of activists who
The Cut-Off Bell Is Getting Better Answers Than The Moderators At The GOP Debate
Photo: Creative Crop/ Getty Images
After the third Republican presidential debate, it seemed the moderators had earned more criticism than the candidates. Viewers and the candidates themselves accused the moderators of throwing ‘gotcha’ questions at the
The Lingering Unemployment Problem in America   Aside from setting monetary policies, the Federal Reserve, through its regional banks, also provides some very interesting research.  In some cases, this research actually shows how the Fed's policies have been relatively ineffective at curing the problems that have appeared in the
Will Global Warming Legislation Actually Kill Americans?     recent analysis by the Institute for Energy Research looks at the potentially high human cost of the American "Clean Power Plan" for the nation's existing power plants.  In this plan, the Obama Administration has set "strong but
Retirement Inequality in America   When we think of income inequality in North America and Europe, we often associate the massive differential between executive salaries, particularly those at the top of the corporate heap, and the relatively tiny compensation that is paid to an average worker as a guide to the degree of income
Who are the Most and Least Conservative GOP Presidential Candidates?   While the presidential candidates on the political right seems to try to outdo each other in their "conservativeness", Conservative Review looks at key aspects of the platform of each of the current GOP candidates and assigns them a score of good, bad or mixed based on their

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