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Elizabeth Warren and How the Rich Have Taken Over Washington   Recent comments from Senator Elizabeth Warren succinctly explain why Washington is "broken".  Here are her comments from the recently held Re/code Conference which was held in Rancho Palos Verdes in California:  
The Impact of Demographics on the 2016 American Election   An interesting brief by William Frey at the Brookings Institute looks at how demographics is impacting the American political scene.  This demographic divergence is becoming particularly critical as the age of the candidates offering for President of the United States bridges the gap
America's Unemployed Families   As most pundits and economists have noted, the employment situation in the United States has improved substantially since just after the Great Recession when the official U-3 unemployment rate hit a peak of 10 percent.  That said, recent data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows one
In mid-April 2015, Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Tea Party presidential candidate Ted Cruz, appeared as a speaker at Congregation Beth Aliyah in Rome, Georgia.  Congregation Beth Aliyah describes themselves as a Messianic Jewish community that believes that Jesus is the promised Jewish
Explaining the Dropping Labor Force Participation Rate in America   The U.S. labor force statistics are showing significant changes, particularly in the size of the labor force.  As you will see in this posting, the causes behind this are much discussed and poorly understood.   Here is a graph
The High Cost of American Free Trade Deals   While it certainly hasn't been getting headlines like the 1988 free trade deal (FTA) between Canada and the United States and the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Obama Administration is doing its best to push the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a "...21st century trade
Our Longevity and the Impact on America's Pension Plan Funding Levels   Even though the stock market has done this over the past two years:    
...and bond prices have risen over the same two year period, according to the annual corporate pension

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