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Saturday, April 30, 2016 07:58 AM
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American Politics The Super-Wealthy Man's Playground   We all know that Wall Street is a big donor to America's political theatre, an issue that has particular traction in the case of Hillary Clinton who has availed herself of millions of dollars of personal wealth from speeches given to Wall Street firms.  According to OpenSecrets, SuperPACs,
The Question Twitter Actually Wants To Ask At Democratic debate in Brooklyn
Photo: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images.  
What issues do voters really care about at tonight's Democratic debate in Brooklyn? To find out, Jake Hershey, director of business intelligence at Refinery29, analyzed Twitter data to see what people are talking about
Bernie Sanders' Tax Plan Who Wins and Who Loses?    In part one of this two-part posting, I looked at the few details that we have from Hillary Clinton's tax plan for America. Unfortunately, as I noted, she has not fully released her tax plan for lower- and middle-income Americans so, as it stands now, her tax plan looks far more palatable
The Clinton Tax Plan What We Know So Far   As I have done with the remaining Republican candidates, I wanted to post an article on a comparison of the tax plans for Ms. Clinton and Mr. Sanders.  I have used analyses from the Tax Policy Centre (TPC) at the Brookings Institute and Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ) as my source material
Empowering Small Political Donors in America    It has become particularly apparent since the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that political power in the form of campaign donations lies in the hands of the wealthiest Americans who can make donations to both candidates and Super PACs that are larger than most American families earn in
Why Donald Trump’s Kids Won’t Be Voting For Him In The New York Primary
Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images.  
It's not a great look for your presidential candidacy when your own family isn't voting for you.

That's the reality Donald Trump is facing in New York. In an interview with Fox & Friends on Monday, Trump admitted
Hillary Clinton, Children and the Law    In this posting, you will see a very little-mentioned side of Hillary Clinton's long career as both a lawyer and politician.  The story which took place in 1975 has received relatively little coverage by the mainstream media since it broke in June 2014 but is an interesting look into the

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