Lynas ready to operate in 3 weeks

Datuk Mashal Ahmad, the managing director, informed the media on Tuesday that the Lynas Rare Earth Refinery is all set to start operations within the next three weeks.

He further informed that the plant is 97% complete whereas the remaining work will be finished before the licensed is received. The Lynas plant has cleared all the obstacles as per laws except for receiving the Temporary Operating License (TOL) which is said to have been issued; however, it has yet not been received by the company.

He said, “The license has been approved but we have yet to receive it. Lynas has already fulfilled all the conditions stipulated for the license to be issued and we are just waiting. We hope it can be issued very soon because we need to start operations.”

He also informed that the plant requires loads of raw material to start operations and in order to acquire the raw material, Lynas needs the TOL. The raw material has to be imported and the process could take a month or more. He also invited the Parliament Select Committee to look into all the required matters and issues rising in their minds so that the company can address to those issues before the plant starts its operations. He also put forward the idea that the company will be enlightened to give a presentation before the PSC prior to starting the operations if the PSC invites them.

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