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Oye! News from England

Cameron Mistakenly Names Wrong Football Club as Favorite

UK Prime Minister David Cameron accidently mentioned the wrong football team when discussion which team he supports in the Premier League on Saturday, attracting criticism on social media just days before the election that he is not really interested in football. A descendant of King William IV and

Miliband Stands Firm on UK’s Contribution to Migrant Crisis

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has once again reiterated that the mass drowning in recent weeks are caused by the growing number of people smuggling migrants across the Mediterranean, while standing form on his claim that inadequate postwar planning in Libya contributed to the crisis. Whereas

Mayor Rahman Stripped from Office as Tower Hamlets Election Ruled Fraudulent

The High Court has announced to have de-seated the mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, in east London after finding him guilty of engaging in corrupt and illegal practices. The second-time mayor of a borough that encompasses the Canary Wharf financial district, Rahman, won the last

Miliband Completely Rules Out an 'Agreement' with SNP

Labour Party’s leader Ed Miliband has unequivocally announced that the Labour party will not strike any "agreement" with the Scottish National Party following the May 7 General Election. At the same time, Miliband explained that he considered himself a unionist but David Cameron is stirring up

IFS Says SNP's Fiscal Autonomy to Bring £9-B Deficit in Scotland's Finances

Latest figures revealed by the Institute of Fiscal Studies regarding the fiscal situation of Scotland in light of The Scottish National party’s flagship financial policy of full fiscal autonomy has revealed that it might lead to a shortfall of nearly £9bn in Scotland’s finances by 2020.

The report

Merseyside Police Investigates Two Suspicious Overnight Murders

Merseyside police are looking into two separate murder investigations after bodies of two women were found overnight at separate addresses in Merseyside. One of the two women was found dead with multiple injuries at around 9pm last night, when police was called to the address over concerns for her

Media Tycoon Desmond Donates £1.3-M to Ukip's Election Campaign

The owner of the Daily Express, Richard Desmond, has made a surprising announcement to donate an extensive £1.3million to Nigel Farage’s faltering general election campaign. Mr Desmond alleged that the cash was part of the UK Independence Party’s drive to win more MPs as a “challenging”

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