General Singh calls troop report stupid

Army Chief of India General V K Singh has called the troop report “absolutely stupid” which stated that the army had moved two of their troops to Delhi in the first month of the year 2012 without bringing to the notice of the government.

The news burst on the media of India on Wednesday when one of the news channels reported that the report in question has “spooked the government” and that the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called the report “alarmist”.

The troop report of the army has surfaced on the media during times when the government and the army are not on very friendly terms and are engaged in a constant tussle of power on one matter or another. The government made a formal announcement after quite some time of the breaking news taking the stand that the army troops’ movement was just a routine movement and there is nothing to be worried about.

While speaking to the media General V K Singh responded to the questions fired by the media members and said, “Whosoever is trying to make stories against the army chief is deplorable . Some people are trying to throw muck at the government and the army. Such people need to be taken to task.”

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