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Oye! News from South America

Could Gang Violence End Mexico's Shale Dream?

Violence in Mexico could thwart hopes of a budding shale boom, as oil and gas companies operating in Texas may think twice about moving south of the border.

Mexico holds an estimated 545 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable shale gas and 13 billion barrels of shale oil, but progress in

On 17 July, Nicaragua announced that US-based Noble Energy would invest $30 million in drilling two offshore wells in the Caribbean—launching Nicaragua's first-ever oil exploration. The wells will be drilled in the Tyra and Isabel blocks, which have undergone nearly 5,000 kilometers of seismic

Venezuela The Next Saudi Arabia?  Venezuela seems to be a relatively consistent fixture in the mainstream media.  While many of us know that Venezuela contributes a significant volume of its oil to keep North America's economy churning, very few have an understanding of just how important Venezuelan oil is to the
Thousands of Bombs Dumped in Gulf of Mexico Pose Huge Threat to Oil Rigs

After World War II the US government dumped millions of kilograms of unexploded bombs into the Gulf of Mexico. This is no secret; many governments dumped their unexploded ordnance into oceans and lakes from 1946 up until the 1970s when it was made illegal under international treaty.

Now that

Muzammil Bacchus wins inaugural Late Zaid Ali AwardMuzammil Bacchus of Guyana won the inaugural “Late Zaid Ali Award” for the Most Improved Qaseeda Singer as Guyana hosted the 10th  International Qaseeda Competition at the picturesque Anna Catherina Islamic Complex recently. The competition was hosted by the Muslim Youth League of Guyana, Guyana
Not a Cuban SpringIn late January, the First National Conference of the Cuban Communist Party closed. The basic document for this conference was titled "Mentos the Linea Politica Economica y Social del Partido Revolucion y" which means a free translation: the streamlining of the economic and social
Is Deepwater Horizon the New Ecuador?

Nearly two years after the worst accidental offshore oil spill in the history of the energy industry, some of the biggest companies in the world are busy pointing their legal fingers at one another in court over who has to pay what in claims, damages and fines over the deadly Deepwater Horizon oil

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