Sudirman Cup 2013: Day 5 Watch live online streaming

On the 4th day of Li-Ning Sudriman Cup, Ukraine continued its solid performance in Level 3 Group A and defeated Turkey with 4-1.

In another Level 3 Group A encounter, the Philippines won an exciting match with a close 3-2 over Sri Lanka. France and the Netherlands were comfortable winners over Austria and Canada respectively (both Level 2 Group B). While France beat Austria with a flawless 5-0, the Netherlands dropped one point against Canada, with Michelle Li beating Patty Stolzenbach with 21-14 21-13.

The Philippines had to compete with the brothers Niluka and Dinuka Karunaratne of Sri Lanka. Gelita Castilo was the player to create the difference by winning both her doubles matches – the Mixed Doubles and Women’s Doubles. In the first match, in partnership with Kennevic Asuncion; she won a nail-biting match over Dinuka Karunaratne/Ishadika Kavidi Sirimannage with 21-16 17-21 21-19. Niluka Karunaratne brought Sri Lanka on level terms with a 21-19 21-7 win over Antonino Benjamin Gadi (Men’s Singles).

It was Maria Bianca Carlos, who successfully put the Philippines ahead again by winning her Women’s Singles over Dona Lekha Shehani Hadunkuttihettige with 21-16 21-15, but the Karunaratne brothers levelled the score with a sudden 24-minute victory over Antonino Benjamin Gadi/Kennevic Asuncion (Men’s Doubles). In the final match, Gelita Castilo/Ann Venice Alcala did not succumb to the pressure and took just 33 minutes to overcome Ishadika Kavidi Sirimannage/Purnima Oshadie Kuruppu with 21-13 21-10 in Women’s Doubles.

Ukraine had beat the Philippines 5-0 and Sri Lanka 4-1 in earlier group ties, had also successfully sealed their victory after the first three matches. Valeriy Atrashchenkov provided them with an early lead, winning his Men’s Singles against Ozturk Ramazan with 21-18 21-16, before his fellow citizen Marija Ulitina took the Women’s Singles with a nearly identical victory over Bayrak Ozge with 21-18 21-15. Vitaly Konov/Dmytro Zavadsky settled the tie with a 21-11 21-8 result in Men’s Doubles over Ozturk Ramazan/Lale Emre.

The Turks pulled one back in Women’s Doubles, when Bayrak Ozge/Yigit Neslihan earned a hard-fought 21-19 18-21 21-18 triumph over Mariya Diptan/Natalya Voytsekh, but Ukraine stood victorious the final match – Valeriy Atrashchenkov/Anna Kobceva taking just 14 minutes to dispose of Sen Murat/Yazgan Ebru 21-8 21-4 in Mixed Doubles.

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