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With world leaders lining up to sign onto the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the latest and greatest international trade deal, one protestor in New Zealand caught a national politician by surprise as you can see on this video:  
Steven Joyce, New Zealand's
Let's start with this video from RT showing an interview with Virginia state Senator Richard Black (R):     Search "Richard Black" and "Saudi Arabia" on Google and you'll find that no
Understanding Vladimir Putin's Popularity    Those of us who have spent our lives in the West generally heed what the mainstream media tells us without too much mistrust.  This was particularly evident during the Cold War when we were told that everything Soviet was "evil" and everything Western was "good".
CBC Is Diverting Your Attention From Their Waste And Misspending   The CBC is carefully pointing the finger at waste and mismanagement in the Senate to avoid their own scandals

By Stephen Pate – CBC has changed it’s focus from direct attacks on Senator Mike Duffy to denouncing the Senate. CBC reporter Terry Milewski’s

Why I’m not writing about politics: I’m bored    Back in 2011, I went nuts about the GOP nominations. In 2012, I went nuts about the election. Now, in 2015, nary a peep. I have no plans for 2016. What gives?

In 2011, I discovered the Republicans had been taken over by the Tea Party, a far far right Christian fundamentalism,
CBC Celebrates UN Human Rights Day With Stories and Court Battle   Canada’s national broadcaster has taken the dark side on Human Rights despite public posturing.

December 10, 2015 was 67th annual United Nations Human Rights Day. CBC reported stories related to Human Rights from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

One of the

Why Are Canadian Politicians and Media Ignoring People with Disabilities   Other than the NDP call for a Canadians with Disabilities Act and politicians and the press did not cover disability issues during the 2015 election

By Stephen Pate – Mt Allison Assistant Professor Mario Levesque complains the media did not cover disability issues in the 2015

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