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Funding Global Terrorism   While we hear comments like these about ISIS/ISIL from various sources including former U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel:   "ISIL is as sophisticated and well-funded as any group that we have seen. They're beyond just a terrorist group.
I apologize for the late posting today but I was up until 2:00 am watching the election results from across Canada.  It certainly appears that the Conservative Party didn't see the crimson train coming towards them; perhaps the Party of Harper mistook the train's headlight for the
Fossil Fuel Subsidies - How Much Do They Cost Taxpayers?   An interesting report from the OECD looks at how much governments (i.e. taxpayers) subsidize both fossil fuel consumption and production in both developed and developing economies.  The data used in the study are obtained from government sources and cover the years between 2010
Canada's Veterans and Anybody But Conservatives   In case you've forgotten this:     Please remember this when you vote on October 19, 2015:  
After all, despite what he keeps telling us, we'll still have our
The Issue That Canada's Politicians Are Avoiding   Back on February 6, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada announced its ruling on Carter v. Canada as shown on this document:  
  The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that people with both grievous and irremediable
The Canada Election Act, Stephen Harper and Lynton Crosby   On September 10th, 2015, the Harper campaign announced that it had called upon one Lynton Crosby to save the Prime Minister's foundering campaign.  As we are all now aware, Mr. Crosby is an Australian political "wizard" who has been brought aboard a sinking ship to help the
Where Is The Stephen Harper 2007 Canadians With Disabilities Act?   Will either NDP Tom Mulcair or Liberal Justin Trudeau restore justice for Canadians with disabilities keeping Stephen Harper’s failed promise?

By Stephen Pate – Canada is 8 years beyond Stephen Harper’s promise of a Canadians With Disabilities Act without any

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