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What’s The Difference David Onley  CBC has waged a 5 year battle to keep one disabled journalist from the PEI Press Gallery

By Stephen Pate – CBC has fought a 5-year battle to keep me from reporting the PEI Legislature. CBC Blocks Human Rights Hearing

Watching the CBC video praising another former

David Onley Queen’s Representative Overcomes Polio   David Onley is a polio survivor, journalist, disability activist and Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor

By Stephen Pate with video from CBC – “There’s few jurisdictions in the world where somebody who’d have a adversity like I did early in my life, would

The Case For Canadians With Disabilities   The US Dept of Justice settlement with  Rhode Island improves civil rights for the disabled. That does not happen in Canada.

By Stephen Pate – The US Department of Justice announced a landmark legal agreement with Rhode Island. “On April 8, 2014, the United States

The Harper Government Creatively Propagandizing the Sweaty Masses   In something that more closely represents political propaganda that would come from Vladimir Putin or one of the dreaded and reviled leaders of the Axis of Evil nations, Stephen Harper's office launched a series of videos back in January 2014 called "24 Seven", a weekly roundup of what

I am not a politician, nor a link in the chain of people spreading out those senseless political calculation sheets through whatsapp and facebook at the cost of one’s very limited 3G data balance acquired through the hard earned money. And if you go by the definitions being highly celebrated with

Missing Aircraft in the Pacific Ocean A Historical Perspective   The disappearance of Air Malaysia Flight MH370 is mystifying but not unprecedented.  In this posting, I'll look at two American flights that disappeared with no trace in the south Pacific Ocean.   On March 22, 1957, a United States Air Force Boeing C-97C Stratofreighter
Alison Redford Resigns Over Expenses But Not Lacroix   Alberta Premier Alison Redmond resigned over an expense scandal but not CBC President Hubert Lacroix

By Stephen Pate – There is an avalanche of expense scandals catching politicians lately. They are losing their jobs. The latest resignation came yesterday from Alberta

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