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The ISIS Recruitment Strategy   ISIS obviously has a recruitment program that is quite capable at convincing Westerners to join their ranks.  A glossy new English-language (among others) magazine, Dabiq, provides us with useful information when it comes to better understanding their modus operandi.  The name Dabiq refers
Shaikh Ayman al-Zawahiri's The Terrorists' Handbook  In a recent posting, I referred to a document that was released by Shaikh Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden's former right hand man and al-Qaeda's current leader, to educate his followers and those of other groups involved in the global Islamic jihad.  I want to take a more in-depth
Canada Debates Prositution Laws
In Parliament and on the streets people take sides in the prostitution debate

Warning – story contains nudity.

In Ottawa they met last week.

Justice Minister Peter MacKay defending tough prostitution laws
Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights

Aaron Zelin at the Washington Institute recently provided us with a timely and interesting look at the battle between ISIS and al-Qaeda for supremacy in the global jihadist movement.   ISIS has its origins in Jamaat al-Tawhid wa-l-Jihad or
PEI You Can Live on $100 A Month For Food   PEI Liberals tilt to American Tea-Party style policies on feeding the poor

By Stephen Pate – Anyone listening to the CBC Radio Political Panel last Friday would have been shocked to hear the Liberal lawyer on the panel suggest that people on social assistance

Guns in America Just because you can doesn't mean you should    Target. Chipotle. You have enough firepower to stop a charging bull elephant at a thousand yards. What exactly are you expecting? Will an argument erupt over the last remaining pair of men's black socks in size 8-13? Will somebody jump the line-up for the next available table for four by
Prostitution in Canada People, people, people, what are we doing?    "The vast majority of those who sell sexual services do not do so by choice. We view the vast majority of those involved in selling sexual services as victims."
- Justice Minister Peter MacKay discussing Bill C-36 dubbed the protection of communities and exploited persons act; (CBC -

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