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The 2014 Drone Wars Death From the Sky   As has become apparent over the past 6 years, the Obama Administration prefers to wage the War on Terrorism with drones rather than with boots on the ground.  The Bureau of Investigative Journalism recently released its summary of 2014 CIA drone attacks in their entirety along with a summary of
What’s The Difference Between Global Journalist in Conflict of Interest & CBC?   Unethical journalists in the private sector resign but public servants keep their jobs

By Stephen Pate – The Globe and Mail is reporting that 15 year news veteran Leslie Roberts resigned over a conflict of interest. Bravo for the journalist with ethics.

Why do CBC

CBC’s Kathy Tomlinson Slams Amanda Lang For Conflict of Interest and Interference   “I come from the ranks of reporters who would not even take a muffin or a cup of coffee.”

By Jesse Brown, Canadaland – CBC journalist Kathy Tomlinson is a key figure in our reporting into Amanda Lang’s conflicts of interest. Until this point, she has not

CBC’s Amanda Lang Tried To Kill A Story About The Royal Bank Who Paid Her   The CBC’s chief business reporter is even more on the take than we knew and reported earlier but CBC defends her

Two weeks ago we reported CBC’s Amanda Lang On The Take From Manulife and Sun Life. Now it has been revealed that she took money from the Royal Bank

CBC and Guardian Dream of Saudi Punishment for Bloggers   Freedom of the press is punished in Saudi Arabia and Canada

By Stephen Pate – Five years ago the Charlottetown CBC and Guardian newspaper had enough of this pesky blogger so they ganged up and forced me out of the press gallery in a Kangaroo Court hearing.

Guardian editors

The Liberal government is reportedly reintroducing an updated version of the sex education curriculum for Ontario schools as early as September 2015 which was withdrawn in 2010 because of objections from religious leaders and the public. This curriculum was previously introduced under Dalton

US Journalism School Pans Canada Media Mendacity   The Columbia Journalism Review reports Jesse Brown Punctures Canada’s Media Bubble

In a scathing article on Canadian journalist Jesse Brown – you know the guy who pulled back the covers on Jian Ghomeshi and his nasty sex crimes – the august Columbia Journalism Review

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