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Rod Stewart Cavendish PEI Disabled Attendees Will Be Survivor Contestants   First-come-first-served seating for wheelchairs is a game of Survivor-of-the-fastest at Cavendish for Rod Stewart

By Stephen Pate – You are not guaranteed accessible seating at the July 9th, 2015 Rod Stewart Performance in Cavendish PEI unless you pay double the ticket price.

When Will Harper Government Pay More Than Lip Service to Disability Issues?   Tokenism will not advance accessibility for people with disabilities in Canada

By Stephen Pate – Last week I got one press release from the Harper Government on disability issues – Harper Government improves accessibility for Canadians with disabilities in Toronto

CBC Union Ends Public Comment On Facebook Page   Canadian Media Guild at CBC turns off Facebook comments but is that free expression in a democracy?

By Stephen Pate – After Prime Minister Stephen Harper was quoted saying “Radio-Canada employees hate conservative values” the Canadian Media Guild, CBC’s employee

How Many CBC Reporters Does It Take To Tell The News?   What The CBC Needs Is Not More Money

By Stephen Pate – CBC Hamilton has 7 reporters getting out the news. CBC Charlottetown has 37.  The same inefficiency is repeated over and over across the country.

Featured image caption: 25 of the 90 people working at CBC Charlottetown

Liberation of Auschwitz Is A Reminder To Every Canadian

The liberation of Auschwitz reminds us of the ignorance and evil dealt enormous cruelty upon people with disabilities

By Andria Spindel, President and CEO, March of Dimes Canada – “Action T4” (German: Aktion T4) is likely not a familiar term to most

The 2014 Drone Wars Death From the Sky   As has become apparent over the past 6 years, the Obama Administration prefers to wage the War on Terrorism with drones rather than with boots on the ground.  The Bureau of Investigative Journalism recently released its summary of 2014 CIA drone attacks in their entirety along with a summary of
What’s The Difference Between Global Journalist in Conflict of Interest & CBC?   Unethical journalists in the private sector resign but public servants keep their jobs

By Stephen Pate – The Globe and Mail is reporting that 15 year news veteran Leslie Roberts resigned over a conflict of interest. Bravo for the journalist with ethics.

Why do CBC

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