US Technology Giants are Now Teaming up to Stop the Coronavirus

Amazon have decided to team up with SCAN so that they can find out how the coronavirus is spreading and what they can do about it. The Gates Foundation have tried to do everything they can to collect nasal swabs amongst the residents who live in Washington. Amazon Care are now helping to deliver the kits, door to door. King County looks to be one of the hardest-hit places in the US and that is why everything is being done to try and make sure that people are being given the support they need.


The Virus

The virus has not hit every industry. Sites such as NetBet are still up and running and some websites have even been boosted as a result of the virus. Amazon is one of them. Amazon have stated that they are very grateful for the amount of support that they have been given. If they do happen to find that someone has tested positive through the test, then they are going to be put in touch with the healthcare workers in their area. Amazon have released a statement saying that they are grateful to be surrounded by a very strong community and that they are also surrounded by public health experts. Global health experts and academic leaders are also working with them to try and leverage the care infrastructure that they have and the capabilities they have in terms of logistics. They are doing everything they can to support the local efforts and some say that the partnership might even benefit those who are in the US, and the healthcare industry too.

The US

Some believe that the partnership could actually improve the level of coronavirus testing that is available in the US. The main issue is that the US lags behind other countries and people are not being tested as much as they could. The US CDC have stated that they have 33,453 cases of the coronavirus in the country and that this is an increase of over 18,185 when you look at the previous count. The death toll has also doubled. It should be noted that the Bill Gates foundation are also doing their part by trying to team up with other research charities. This includes the Mastercard Impact Charity. They have chosen to commit around $125m to try and fund a treatment for the coronavirus so that everyone can be protected as much as possible. When you look at things earlier in the month, you will soon see that Mr Gates made an announcement, saying that he was now stepping down from the board for Microsoft so that he could then focus way more on his more philanthropic efforts. He is doing this so that he can try and help as many people as possible, which is great because right now, people need all of the help that they can get when it comes to the coronavirus and the funding required.

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