Where in the World Will Andrea Go Next?

Working as a travel agent  in Canada is not the worst thing in the world. From September to March, I got to talk about boat cruises from Fort Lauderdale, ocean-view rooms in Negril, and daytrips to Havana. My small office was covered in posters of beaches, seafood and snorkels, and my clients came back home with tans and their hair full of braids. The cold Canadian winter was bearable because I could live vicariously through my clients who were heading out for a week or more of summer.

Andrea MacDonald

However, everything changed in the Spring. Suddenly, the inquiries and conversations were no longer about the Caribbean; people started asking instead about London, Berlin, the Amafi Coast and the French Riviera.

Europe Season, as it’s called in the travel industry, had begun. And with it came the end of my travel agent career.

There was simply no way I could send people off to Europe and stay behind in my office. I would snap if I had to book one more flight to London that didn’t have my name on it.


So by May 1, I quit my job, bought a new backpack, booked my first night’s accommodation, and headed out. I had no clue what the next few months would hold, other than knowing they would be spent in Europe because that’s the only place to be in the summer.

Ready for my next adventure in Europe

In Europe, summertime means music festivals, outdoor terraces, siestas, street performers, cold gazpacho, shimmering coastlines, cold beer, long hot days and the most incredible nights on Earth. This is the season when the beautiful continent puts it all on display. How could I resist?

Written by Andrea MacDonald for EuropeUpClose.com . 

Editors Note: Follow Andrea’s travels through Europe this Summer; she’s a gal on the move. This is the first of a series of articles describing Andrea’s travel exploits.

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