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You know how we love to travel, but did you know that we are always looking for things that will make our travels easier or more fun? Why of course we are! Frequently, we are asked to try out a product to see if we think our readers will find the item practical, fun, or useful in some way. There have been several items that we tried and put aside. I’d rather not write a review of something I am just not that crazy about; these are our latest favorites.

Don't lose your iPhone

Kenu Highline

Well, I never thought I’d need a leash for my iPhone, but now that I have one, compliments of Kenu , I think I do.

One end of this lightweight bunjee leash attaches securely to your iPhone or iPod and the other end has a kevlar loop that attaches to your jacket zipper,  purse, belt loop, d-rings, carabiners, and more. The coil extends from 5″ to 30″. Moreover, its patent-pending design reduces the stress on your device that pulling and twisting can cause.

With a phone leash, you’ll never again leave your iPhone behind, lose it in your purse or drop it off a mountain while taking that fantastic photo. Its that extra security that I need when traveling.



I always tell everyone who will listen about the importance of keeping hydrated when flying. Not only do you need to drink a lot of (non-alcoholic) liquids, you also need to keep your nasal passages hydrated.

I have always carried a saline spray with me  to use during those long overseas flights. But, I have now found something better. Pressureze is a Hypertonic Saline nasal spray formulated to clear ear and nasal canals fast.

It is because the product has a specific PH balance that, I think , makes it work better than a regular saline spray. It comes in a small, 15 ml container, so it easily fits in your carry-on. Use it 30 min before takeoff and 30 min before landing and you won’t suffer from altitude changes. I also use  it mid-flight to keep those nasal passages moist.

Luxe London Guide

Luxe City Guides

Looking for a small guide with big ideas? TheLuxe City Guides are just the thing. These little guides give you the latest scoop on the best of shopping, dining and boutique hotels in most European cities. I was given a copy of the Luxe London guide and found the shopping itineraries enough to make me wish I were there right now! Written in an off-beat style, I couldn’t help laughing as I read about all that Luxe Loves and Loathes. The following is a verbatim example of what Luxe Loathes:

– Leicester Sq., Oxford St and Regent St. – Avoid them like you would supper with Typhoid Mary

– Chain Stores – London’s high streets are swamped with torpid, ubiquitous brands – come back kooky

– Weather Talk – Shut up about your damn weather

Written in teensy print, so they can cram as much info as possible into a 25 page, compact 2.5 X 5 ” guide, you’ll find gems such as, “On a budget? Don’t come to London” and great lists of where to stay, where to eat, where to shop and what to do. You will find Luxe Guides for most cities in Europe, Asia and even the USA. Oh, and the city guides are also available as apps.


The MAPPETITE  flip and fold city guide and map helps you find the best neighborhoods, food and landmarks in London (plus New York, San Francisco with more to come.) Looking at my complimentary copy, I liked that the guide, although the size of a map, folds out in sections, so it is easy to manage and take with you as you explore the city.

Divided by neighborhoods, the guide gives you a brief description of the neighborhood, and when you open the guide, you will see a map of that neighborhood that includes tube stops, restaurant recommendations and landmarks. The restaurant recommendations are at every price point and include a brief description. Another plus is the great website that you can use to learn even more about your destination city. I’m headed to Amsterdam, and read a fantastic post on where to eat in the MAPPETITE Mile section.  Because of all the action in London lately, the EATORIALIST section focused on London eateries.

I saved my favorite till last…

metallic-pewter TieksShopping in your TieksTieks by Gavrieli

Hey gals, how would you like to travel in style  as well as in comfort? When I’m traveling, I try to look fashionable, but comfortable shoes aren’t always fashionable and fashionable looking shoes are usually uncomfortable. But, help has arrived. I just discoveredTieks by Gavrieli and now I have the best of both worlds.

These comfortable ballet flats are made of soft leather and non-slip rubber soles. Since the soles are separated, they fold easily for packing and come in almost every color imaginable.  Taking my own advice about traveling with neutrals, I ordered a pair of matte black Tieks…great choice, because they go with everything. You can go conservative like me or go crazy and order copperhead snake, or crocodile, or even prints and neon shades.

They’re so easy to take with you when traveling, you can take several pair! Oh, and I love the packaging; you can give these as a thoughtful travel gift without even re-wrapping them.

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