Tired of Trying to Get WiFi in Europe? Try This

We travel to Europe often and we are always looking for reliable WiFi connections so we can do our work and keep in touch with our family, friends and business associates. It has always been a frustrating experience until this last trip. Telecom Square contacted us and asked us to try out their Mobil WiFi Hotspot while on our trip to the Netherlands and Italy. What a difference this device made during our trip.

When we arrived in Europe, we were having a difficult time getting the hotspot to connect, so we contacted the company and got a rapid response. They told us to remove the battery to reset the device. We did that and our troubles were over. With Telecom Square, we simply turn on the mobile wifi hotspot with one touch of a button, and it was ready with wifi service for up to five devices. There was no complicated set up to worry about, and our data was secure.

Telecom Square Mobil Hotspot package

On the entire balance of our trip, we used the mobile hotspot to connect to our computer to the internet. It gave us a strong signal and downloads were fast and easy. There is a charge to use the internet in most airports and on trains, and this saved us those charges. We used the device on our train ride from Rome to Naples and were able to get a lot of work done because of the great connection.

Right now, Telecom Square is charging $12.95 per day for unlimited use of the device, which seems to be in the general range of pricing for mobil hotspots that can be used in Europe. There is an International Single Country WiFi plan where you can access global internet in one specific country or a plan where you can take the same device in multiple countries across Europe and Asia, called the Europe Multiple Countries Wifi plan. The company also charges a flat $29.95 for Fedex shipping both ways.


In determining if this is a good value, we considered these issues. Even though a hotel or cafe offers free WiFi, it can sometimes be spotty and more often that not, unavailable. And paying for WiFi at other hotels doesn’t guarantee a better experience either. Plus, using a Telecom Square mobil hotspot keeps your data secure.  If you are going to use WiFi in Europe to send and receive personal emails and to surf the net, I’d go with winging it and and not spending the $12.95 per day. But, if  WiFi reliability, portability, ease of use and security is important, this is a great way to go, and worth every dime.

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 Written by Terri Fogarty for EuropeUpClose.com

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