Guess What? You Can Afford First Class

Travel has always has seemed glamorous. It has a romantic history of first class train cabins, elegant colossal cruise ships and swanky airplane bars. But, a lot has changed since the early days of travel – we now dream of G6′s, private cars, and exclusive airport lounges. Sadly, with the reality of first class airfare being in the thousands each way, for most people, travel begins with bad food, sardine-like accommodations and Juicy sweat pants. Until now.

Meet Fly With Class, a first class travel concierge that offers customers up to 70% off of published prices for first and business class airfare. Through the transfer of airline miles as well as access to consolidator fares, customers can snag round-trip first class airfare (first, not business) anywhere in the world for around $4,000. Not $12,000.

The concierge service also offers its clients different promotions that can range from free limo pick up at your destination, to Bose nose canceling headphones for your flight.

The company was born two years ago when Sol Perlstein saw a major gap in the market. Coach is a killer, but business and first class fares  are unattainable to most. And airlines, which are have cut flights, need to fill their empty seats. This is where Fly With Class comes in as the middle man – able to acquire tickets for prices unavailable to the public. The airlines see this as a way to lure in new loyal customers and join their frequent flier programs.

We first used Sol’s services last year, after a friend told  us she has flown first class from New York to London for just over $2,500! (First class airfare for the same trip is currently going for $5,929 at

We needed a flight from Los Angeles to Paris . Fly With Class offered us several airline carriers to choose from, and first class prices that were heavily slashed. A mileage account was created under our names, and points were transferred over to reflect the discounted price.

The flight was a dream. Joel Robuchon crafted the onboard menu, down comforters lined our flat beds and after changing out of our first class pajamas and into our look of jet set chic (not sweats), we arrived in Paris fresh and excited.

After our trip, we raved to friends that this was the only way to fly. Most met our tales of breezing through security in a private line, or being served a chocolate soufflé in the lounge, with blank stares. This was an option? Who knew!

So why do most avid travelers not even know about companies like this? Because of the huge cost of tickets, most are wary of buying tickets outside of the system. Fly With Class is able to guarantee their tickets 100%. And they have a long list of loyal clients who won’t book travel any other way. Looks like travel just got glamorous again.

Fly With Class
(800) 789-2527

Written by Guest Contributors Iris Friedman and Chloe Popescu for

 After having huge success with both a jewelry line and clothing line, mother-daughter writing team Iris Friedman and Chloe Popescu have united their passions for travel and fashion to write about shopping, style and culture across Europe.

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