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On our quest to find the best travel items for our readers, we critically examine what we ourselves use and love, and also try out travel items that are sent to us for review. While there are many items sent to us to check-out for a review; we cull through them and publish information only on those travel items we love. Here is our latest list of Travel Stuff We Love!

Eccolo Map Paper Journal

Eccolo Journals

As a writer, I never travel too far without a journal to help me remember special moments during  my travels. In past travels, I have brought along cheap notebooks only to find them falling apart as I write. But, nothing like that will happen if you spend a few dollars more for a quality Eccolo Journal. Mine sports a travel-inspired cover and is just 5×7, so it can easily fit in a purse or backpack.

I realize now when I look back at my old, ragged,  travel journals, that I should have used quality materials to help preserve my precious memories. Eccolo produces journals with Italian inspired craftsmanship, selling for a modest $10 to embossed leather styles that can cost up to $120. Using acid-free, anti-fade paper, these journals will last a lifetime. And the many styles and colors can fit anyone’s personality. Eccolo is a family owned and operated import and manufacturing business, focussing on high-quality journals, e-cases and more. Wouldn’t an Eccolo journal be a great gift for your favorite traveler?

Wurkin Stiffs Nuts and Bolts RFID black wallet

Wurkin Stiffs

Did you know that your credit cards and even your passports are vulnerable to identity theft? Most newer credit and identification cards now have RFID (radio frequency identification) technology embedded into them. All US Passports issued since October 2006 also have RFID chips in them. The chip contains all the data that is on the first page including your photo. To obtain that information, an identity thief can just walk by and clandestinely scan your card and/or passport. Its that easy.

Here is a wallet that defies RFID identity thieves by employing a thin alloy matrix fused between ballistic nylon panels. It also features ten card slots and one cash pocket, and comes in different color schemes. Wurkin Stiffs also offers wallets and passport cases made of leather that still employ the great RFID blocking capabilities.

Travel-lite antiperspirant for women- 8ct pouch

La Fresh Travel-lite

I was just introduced to La Fresh Travel-lite wipes with a free sample pack, and I am so excited to tell you about them. These small packs of 8 wipes come in so many varieties, I am blown away. The anti-bacterial wipes have many practical uses. But, they are especially perfect for on the plane, where you will want to clean everything, especially the fold-away tray. I wish I had packed a pouch of antiperspirant wipes in my carry-on the last time the airline lost our luggage. The airline gave us an emergency kit that included a smaller-than-lipstick sized roll-on deodorant. You needed to roll for about 5 minutes to get the entire area! The antiperspirant pouches come in woman and man styled fragrances.

La Fresh also makes Travel-lite make-up remover wipes, facial cleansing wipes, nail polish remover pads, lens & screen cleaning wipes, shoe shine wipes, baby cleaning wipes, DEET-free insect protection wipes and flushable female and male hygiene wipes. They really have your travel needs covered!

Guerrilla Packs

We were offered one of Guerrilla Packs new models to try and we were really impressed. The Samurai 50L is the perfect size for short duration trips. The new GP collection is completely reengineered with heavier duty materials, components, and adjustable back support systems; all while offering manufacturer direct pricing.


In a previous post I wrote about the J-Pillow, but here’s great news, the J-pillow now comes in an inflatable version, and it is so comfortable, I sometimes use it at home!
Some great features of this unique pillow are :

– Gently cradles and supports head, neck and chin.

– Stops head from falling forward while sleeping

– Helps provide correct anatomical support for sleeping upright

– May reduce stiffness and soreness compared to sleeping without support

– Inflates with one to two breaths. One valve.

– Includes luxury plush cover for ultimate comfort.

– Cover is machine washable at 30 degrees

– Deflates to fold flat, packs neatly away

Kenu Airframe with phoneKenu Airframe

Airframe vertical mount on ventUsing your Smartphone GPS when traveling is a breeze with the Kenu Airframe. Just clip it to your dashboard vent and you have a perfect  eye-level view of the GPS. The patented, rotating clip makes it easy to view your phone vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. The clip is made of a soft rubber-like substance so it wont scratch up your car (or your rental vehicle).

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