Only 11% of Canadians support G8 and G20 Summit Costs

The latest poll demonstrates just how badly the government is suffering on the G8/G20 summit cost issue. In fact, it is a rarity to see such an overwhelming one sided opinion.

The poll finds nobody really sees much use for the Summit. Worse still:

Are the summit expenditures justifiable or not?

Justified 11%
Not Justified 78%
Don’t Know 11%

If you peg baseline Conservative support at about three times the "justified" number, it demonstrates just how horribly the government is losing the pr war. This poll also explains why the Liberals have gone so far as to run ads (which I’ve actually heard quite a bit btw), because there is nowhere to hide for the government. These numbers translate to overwhelming rejection from their own kneejerk base, never mind swing voters and soft support.

A few months ago, I’m quite sure the PMO were giddy over the photo op orgasm that awaited them. However, just like the Olympics, Harper has managed to sabotage a friendly calendar. Rather than a high profile opportunity, it is now a case of get it over with for the government- every photo op now a reminder of waste and excess.

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