Sure As Hell Not Paying For Ezra Levant on SunTV

SunTV has every right to broadcast, I’m fine with the CRTC decision in the final analysis. The notion of a propaganda arm disguised as a news outlet is another matter, but in a free society people should always be able to make their own choices. Within that spirit, under no circumstances do I support my cable provider unilaterally FORCING me to support right wing television, through bundling or other tactics to include SunTV in a news package. If there is such a demand for right wing television, then the free market place will surely be kind, as people rush to include the station. Sink or swim, but leave me out of it.

There is a new initiative to write your cable provider, asking for the right to decide. My provider isn’t on the list, so I have written my own letter, which states clearly I will IMMEDIATELY terminate my cable if they include the station in any package I otherwise subscribe to. I would encourage everyone who feels the same to do likewise, complacency is the enemy, money talks especially when it WALKS:


Spread the word, if inclined.

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