Falling tree kills Stacy James Ellis of Canobie, N.B

District 9 reports the sudden death of 40-year-old Stacy James Ellis of Canobie, N.B.

On November 20, 2010 at aproximately 5:30 pm, RCMP responded to a call where a man whom was attempting to clear an ATV trail of a fallen tree, when the same tree fell on the victim in the Canobie area.

Victim was transportied to hospital where he died as a result of his wounds sustained from the falling tree.

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  1. I am loosing a very good friend and a shipmate but this is very small compared to loosing a husband, a father , a son and we as a family from our work really regret loosing you and my own family really wants to be very supportive in that unexpected event . Be strong and do not hesitate to get back in touch , we3 will miss Him …

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