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Advertise on Oye! Times

Internet marketing is fast becoming, not the trend, but the norm in Canada. Marketers are much more aware of the significant opportunity that Oye Times demographic group presents.

What’s more, they realize that they can no longer afford to neglect the combined buying power of ethnic Canadians as, nearly one in five Canadians are now foreign-born. 

To appeal to these highly lucrative and diverse audiences, marketers are now abandoning traditional mass marketing practices in favour of laser-focused, multicultural marketing efforts. Oye! Times is your vehicle to reach the diverse Canadian and U.S.A communities.

Over 100,000 visitors per month
Over 300,000 page views month

We offer monthly and CPM rates.

Advertising on Oye! Times starts as low as $3.00 per 1000 impressions. (Note: Example refers to 234 by 60 banner)

Email us at matt at for your online advertising needs and we will be happy to supply you more information and current CPM rates. We do not offer click thru rates.

At Oye! Times we also accept paid advertorials with a link back to your website. 

Banner Location Banner Size(px) Accepted File Formats Max File Size
Banner 300 X 250 Flash, Animated Gif, Gif, Jpeg Non Flash 20k, Flash 30k
Banner 468 X 60 Flash, Animated Gif, Gif, Jpeg Non Flash 20k, Flash 30k
Header 728 X 90 Flash, Animated Gif, Gif, Jpeg 30 k
Video Right 300 X 250 Youtube video or other video formats Video will be hosted on You Tube

All IAB standard banners can be accommodated on Oye! Times.

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