Facebook is naming a Toronto baby

Rommy Alpinelli of Toronto has a problem she must solve by December 4. That date is her due date for her baby girl. Her problem is to find a unique name for her soon to be daughter and she has decided to use a unique way of finding a name: Facebook. Let the public suggest names and vote on them then the winning name will be the name of her daughter.
This 34 year old soon to be mother explained her story in a CBC radio interview published on a web site set up as part of this baby naming campaign.
Click on the link "Listen to an interview with Rommy on CBC" at the bottom of the page to hear the interview.
Like most people, she went through the books looking for something unique and different but didn’t quite find something which struck her fancy. She spoke with a friend who went to a company called FabFind and the company suggested helping her out by creating a plan revolving around Facebook.
Ms. Alpinelli explained her desire for a unique name was based on her own name, Rommy being somewhat different and thinking people would expect her baby to also have a unique name. Being a supply teacher, she scanned class lists trying to find such a particular name but discovered that many names had more than one student with the same name so finding that "unique" name was important so her daughter could have her own identity.
The interviewer asked her if she was worried about ending up with something odd or something that may be meaningful to somebody else but not her. She explained that within the first 4 hours of the site being up, there were more than 600 names submitted. She felt, however that most people will vote for names which are pretty although the strangest suggestion was "Fabby".
According to the web site at the moment of this writing, the name "Aria" is in first place followed by "Melania" and "Sophia".
Check out the list of the latest names
As well as the interview on the CBC, the site has a link to a Global TV interview with the couple.
According to this news piece, the winner of the contest will receive more than $600 in deals from the FabFind web site and Mom will get a year’s worth of deals worth $40,000. Plus of course, she gets the name!
Ms. Alpinelli has discovered a rather unique way of finding herself a unique name for her daughter. Facebook earlier this year had announced that it had finally reached 500 million "friends". Let’s hope that amongst all those friends, someone will come up with a name worthy of the baby girl soon to arrive.

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FabFind: Oh Baby
FabFind: Facebook
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