Harper using “Cabinet Confidence” to hide real price tags

If one is being reasonable, this idea of "cabinet confidence" is justifable, in certain instances. Even on the Afghan detainee file, one can see a grey area or at least some type of logical counter, however flimsy that maybe. However, on the question of costs, how much initiatives will cost the TAXPAYER, US, that the Conservatives think they can hide behind "cabinet confidence" is pure, unmitigated bull, that is insulting on so many levels:

The federal government is trying to keep the cost of its law-and-order agenda a secret — and its refusal to make the figures public could set Parliament up for another high-stakes battle between the Conservatives and opposition MPs over access to information…

Opposition MPs say the government’s rationale for keeping the estimated price tags out of the public eye — cabinet confidence — doesn’t hold up and taxpayers deserve an answer.

"Their American-style justice approach has a very hefty price tag. They’re trying to hide that information from Canadians using the false argument of cabinet confidence," Liberal finance critic Scott Brison said.

One, the fact the government won’t release "price tags" should raise numerous red flags, that these measures cost way more than anyone has yet entertained. If the numbers were reasonable, it’s hard to see why the government would be so bent on keeping them out of the "public eye". The apprehension speaks volumes, and makes it that much more important that we do have full disclosure.

There are no state secrets here, nobody’s lives are being put at risk, there is really nothing to justify withholding simple facts and figures from Parliament, our representatives. The Conservatives once again trapple all over the now hysterical pledges of transparency and accountability. 

If you have nothing to hide, why are you hiding? That the government seems prepared to unilaterally withhold information, creating a conflict, is all the more reason why we NEED to know the numbers. Where there’s secrecy, there’s secrets, and they’re never flattering. 

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