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Women have good reason to be worried about mens rights activists (MRAs) because they have managed to convince themselves that the patriarchy isn’t actually harming women. Well I was directed to the blog, A Voice for Menand a post on what men should do if they serve on a jury in a rape trial. The basic premise is that in order to combat women’s false rape claims, any man who serves on a jury for rape, regardless of the evidence presented, should vote not guilty; for the sake of balance. The author concludes,
"Better a rapist would walk the streets than a system that merely mocks justice enslave another innocent man. And better a system that cannot be trusted as it is, be corrected from within by a single honest citizen in the name of real justice."
want to be clear: men who are falsely accused, charged, and/or convicted of rape are just as much victims are rape victims. I believe in the justice system, but I know as well as anybody that their are biases, both for and against men. The solution to false rape accusations is notacquitting men for the sake of balance. The solution is to combat the biases inherent in the system. This attitude is absolutely terrifying. I can’t say that I know what the statistics are regarding false rape accusations, but I seriously doubt they are as high as the actual rapes that go unreported. I suspect that the definition of rape that these men subscribe to is very different from what is the real definition.  I pity these men and am absolutely terrified for the women in their lives. 
The guy who wrote me the letter that I posted a few days ago is most certainly a MRA, even if he doesn’t identify as one. I tried to educate him but he was unwilling. I suppose it’s because MRAs believe feminists are "manginas". I haven’t bothered commenting on this site because I know that all that will happen is I will come off as just another angry feminist. Instead, I will continue to educate the men I encounter on a day-to-day basis in the hopes of heading off such sick beliefs.
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  1. I run the world’s leading site dedicated to giving voice to victims of false rape claims, The False Rape Society. Many rape victims have expressed solcomment_IDarity with our efforts because they loathe false accusers almost as much as rapists. There is no reason why all of us can’t work to eradicate both rape AND false rape claims.

    Sadly, the issue has become so terribly gender politicized that rape advocates insist on minimizing the false rape problem, and that’s morally grotesque. The overrcomment_IDing evcomment_IDence suggests that false rape claims are a significant problem, but the leading feminist legal scholar recently acknowledged “. . . the statistics on false rape accusation wcomment_IDely vary and ‘as a scientific matter, the frequency of false rape complaints to police or other legal authorities remains unknown.'” A. Gruber, Rape, Feminism, and the War on Crime, 84 Wash. L. Rev. 581, 595-600 (November 2009). Let’s stop pretending we know that underreporting is worse than false claims.

  2. Just the thing I would expect from a feminist manhater. Who care is an innocent man or even boy has his life destroyed by a false rape claim as long as the “precious” female isnt affected.

  3. I visited this web site “A Voice For Men”. I read “About” to understand who Paul Elam is and where he’s coming from. I watched his vcomment_IDeo “The Myth of Women’s Oppression”. I read the article on jury duty in a rape trial. I learned what the term mangina means. This man has put in a lot of time and effort to describe his views, to support them and to disseminate them. Paul is an intelligent man and a good writer.

    However, it is obvious to me that Paul is a troubled man and he is having a difficult time in this modern age. In the same way some people blame the Jews for the ills of the world, Paul seems to be blaming women for the ills of men.

    I don’t need to debate Paul. I won’t try to convince him otherwise. I will only conclude with this picture which is worth more than a thousand words:,16641,1101100809,00.html

  4. I am NOT a man-hater, a fact that the man I am dating can attest to. I also have an issue with false rape claims, but there are far more actual rapes than false rape claims. Part of the problem is how “rape” is defined. I believe that a woman or man can revoke consent at any time. After consent is revoked, it is rape. I also do not believe that a person can consent if they are unconscious or so drunk that they aren’t aware of reality. You can be raped by your spouse and being badgered into consenting is NOT consent. Anything other than a resounding yes is NOT consent.

  5. A Husband commits suiccomment_IDe in India every 9 minutes. What does the author want to say to this? Should the bias remain or increase?

    Men need to organize themselves as feminists have no comment_content_IDea of stats on innocent men who are raped by the inherent bias in the system.

  6. The problem is that false rape accusers are 100% above the law in this country. It isn’t just that they are rarely punished, or given light sentences: even the most high-profile false rape accusers receive NO punishment.

    In response to this, it makes sense for men to be very, very skeptical when serving on juries. Women who testify about rape are, for all intents and purposes, NOT testifying under oath.

    It is very hard to imagine that this system will change, unless it is proven once and for all that false claims DO result in lower conviction rates.

  7. all feminists are man haters. they want to punish all the men by making and supporting foolish anti-male laws . all women groups are terrorists who always tries to suppress the voice of a ordinary person. these women groups always criticize mcomment_IDdle-east because they have never been able to implement their foolish laws there.

    men should stop fighting among themselves . men throughout the world should unite themselves to fight against these anti-male laws.

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