Masks, Virtue Signalling and Our Hypocritical Leaders

Here is a photograph of the Finance Ministers from the 2021 in-person G7 meeting in the United Kingdom:

You'll notice that one member of the group is wearing a mask despite the fact that the photograph was taken outside and each of the members was properly physically distanced from their peers, using the 2 metre or 6 foot rule.

Who is that, you might ask?  Why it's none other than Canada's Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Prime Minister wannabe, Chrystia Freeland a key member of the World Economic Forum, planners and implementers of our dystopic "Great Reset" as shown here:

Either a few minutes before or a few minutes later, here's what the group looked like:

In the dictionary under "virtue signalling", we will now find a picture of Chrystia Freeland, Canada's very own answer to government leaders and pandemic-related hypocrisy.  One has to wonder exactly who she was trying to impress?  Klaus Schwab perhaps? 

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