Green Party decision to name Georges Laraque reeks of amateurism

Not taking anything away from Georges Laraque- who does seem to have a genuine social conscience- but the Green Party decision to name him deputy leader reeks of amateurism, at the worst possible time in the history of the party:

The federal Greens are hoping a former NHL tough guy will boost the party’s profile and help it to score big in the next election.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May named Georges Laraque as a deputy leader of the party on Saturday.

The 260-pound former Montreal Canadien will focus on promoting the link between physical health and the environment.

Laraque only just joined the Green Party six months ago, which makes his ascendency to the number two slot almost embarrassing and woefully transparent. There is some value for the Green Party, having a former Hab on the ticket will give needed exposure in Quebec. However, that rationale is quite narrow, because the move also cements the message that the Green Party lacks a professional demanor. For any upstart party, piercing the credibility barrier is job one, this move does nothing in that regard, if anything a step backwards. Again, nothing against Laraque, but his former role in the NHL was that of a goon, low on skill. Quite a feat, from bruiser to the Green Party deputy LEADER in a few months. People already question May as a legitimate alternative, having Laraque by her side- I fail to see the ultimate political upside.

The Greens are at a bit of a crossroads at the moment, part curiousity, part serious alternative. It isn’t exactly encouraging, that the Greens choose to artifically elevate a complete novice to such a position of perceived importance and power. The perception isn’t one of a sophisticated party offering a true alternative, but more a "not ready for prime time" quirky sideshow.

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  1. Thanks for covering the Green Party.

    Picking Georges Laraque as a deputy leader of the Green Party is smart, practical, realistic.

    We live in the days of celebrity. Georges Laraque attracts media coverage. George will broaden the Green Party appeal to the young, sport fans.

    Mr. Laraque is young, optimistic, not your Daddy’s usual milk toast politico.

    This new dynamic Green Party leader brings energy, hope, and positive solutions to a nation and a world that needs more of them.

    The Green Party is on an exciting course. Voters will recognize the Green Party efforts for positive change, and the Green New Deal we need.

    The Green Party knows we need everyone involved and engaged in the political process. This talented young man, and national hero is just what the doctor ordered for the Green Party, and the election.

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