Department wasnt meant to be Satya or Company – RGV

Department wasnt meant to be Satya or Company - RGV Now that's the beauty of quite a few films coming from the house of Ram Gopal Varma – They make more news after their release and failure than during the days leading to it!!! It was witnessed last in Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag and now the history is repeating itself with Department.

The film is seeing quite some criticism coming its way, especially due to the technique adopted by Ram Gopal Varma in narrating his tale. To add insult to the injury, audience too hasn't quite given thumbs up to the film with box office collections not being heartening at all. While chapters pertaining to Sanjay Dutt, Kangna Ranaut and Dharam Oberoi have opened/reopened as well, quite a few from within and outside the industry are questioning Ramu's storytelling more than the story itself.

Ramu, the daggers are out on you again. Comment?
For quite some time I have stopped reacting to people speculations and comments. This is a free country and anyone can say anything about everyone at anytime. I keep working all the time and would do in future as well. I get up in the morning, go to work and stay there till night. I don't have friends or family, I don't party and I don't have any other indulgence. I am mainly into films and that's what I wish to continue doing.

You decided to do away with conventional cinematography and instead roped in a bunch of youngsters to shoot in multiple camera formats. For a large segment of audience, the camera movements were mind-boggling. You had earlier gone to the extent of saying that the technique adopted by you was revolutionary. However some say that it was to cut costs.
The idea behind shooting the film in the technology that I adopted was not to cut any costs. That's a misconception. Instead I wanted to use this technology in order to bring those angles and movements which audience had never seen before. I think it was revolutionary and that is what I have done. Many in the West have already done that. Otherwise usually you see films being shot in a conventional way.

Another charge coming your way is that Department doesn't quite match the standards of your other underworld-centric films like Satya and Company.
But then Department was never meant to be a Satya or a Company! That was conveyed quite clearly through the promos itself. The film promised 'dialoguebaazi' and 'masala' and that's what I made.

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