Lara Dutta confesses to People on what makes Mahesh her man

"We are really happy together", says the glitteringly gorgeous Lara Dutta, whose face has started glowing … and every one knows that it’s ‘L-O-V-E’, or should we say that its the love of her life, to whom she is alls et to be his wife! We are indeed talking about the ace Mahesh Bhupati, about whom Lara goes all out in the recent edition of People. Talking about her much-talked about engagement ceremony, Lara says "I think that my parents saw it coming more than I did. They really like Mahesh a lot". And the best part is that both the families are Bangalore-bound. Confirming this Lara says "Our families have become pretty close because everyone is in Bangalore." Lara is also on an all-time high (was she ever on a low?) because her fitness DVD is all set to hit the markets. Her engagement to Mahesh did set lots of tongues wagging, as Mahesh happens to be an already married man! Talking about this aspect, Lara says "I am not the person to comment on Mahesh’s past and whether or not he went through a tough period." All in all, when its Lara at the helm of things, even the ‘impossible’ gets all geared up and says ‘I m possible". Way to go, Lara!
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