Terry Rideout of Toronto dies in hospital, Jason Miller charged

On Monday, June 14, 2010, the Toronto Police Service requested the public’s assistance with an aggravated assault investigation.

It is alleged that:

– the assault took place on Saturday, June 12, 2010, in the early-morning hours, in the Lakeshore Boulevard West/Islington Avenue area,

– the victim was involved in an altercation, which resulted in him being knocked unconscious,

– he was discovered by a passerby and police were contacted.

Jason Miller, 30, of Toronto, was charged with:

– Aggravated Assault,
– Assault with weapon.

On Friday, June 18, 2010, the victim was pronounced dead in hospital.

The victim has been identified as Terry Rideout, 35, of Toronto.

The Homicide Squad has taken over the investigation.

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  1. this is bullshit. this man is innocent. the police officers involved in this case need to find the man who is actually responsible for this crime. KILLED FOR BEING TO LOUD comon seriously like get real justice will be served to mr.jason miller and his family for him having to be incarserated for this length of time. the papers should also not write about things they dont know the the whole storey of. this is a lie.

  2. Amber, I think your a huge b…tch, the police dcomment_ID find the person reponsible you comment_content_IDiot. MR JASON MILLER JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE GUILTY. Terry Rcomment_IDeout is my uncle, and Jason Miller is psycho, he has over 6 charges including murder so if you don’t know anything I suggest you shut up. I am not saying what he was hit with, but he was hit soo hard it caused him to be 100% vegetable, his brain was like jelly, and one scomment_IDe of his brain was pushed over to the other scomment_IDe, the living scomment_IDe of his brain took a stroke, which then killed his entire brain completely. My entire family knows what happend SO MAYBE YOU SHOULDNT comment_content ABOUT THINGS YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT LIKE THIS STORY FOR EXAMPLE.

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