Adobe CS5 Trial a waste of time

Trial software is crippled so you can’t use it
The release of Adobe CS5 in May gave me an opportunity to consider moving up from Photoshop and Premiere Elements. Those programs do a great job but I want to explore more possibilities with my video editing. The new Mercury rendering engine alone seemed worth the price. With Premiere Elements you are always waiting for a clip to render.
I learned that the Trial software is a waste of time.
After several hours of downloading and installation, I got to work on editing a 3 minute video. CS5 Premiere is significantly different from Elements. I studied the tutorial videos which are a decent introduction to the software.
Then I got started. Oops can’t import MPEG. Checked that out on Google. Importing in the Trial version is limited to AVI files. No problem. Get a converter and converted the file which is now 1/8th the size. The video quality was down noticeably.

Got my clips in the workspace and rough cut the video. Things are moving smoothly except for the learning curve.

Oops, no sound. Google that problem and discover sound is not available on the Trial version.
The advice on the message boards is skip the Trial version since they have removed important features to make sure you don’t really use it. Thanks Adobe. If anyone wants to steal your software they only have to find a bit-torrent site.

Legitimate customers get the shaft.

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