An epidemic of cancer fraud!

In the 4th case of cancer fraud over the past few months, a B.C. woman has now been charged after lying about having cancer. Tina Michele Sammons of Victoria, B.C. is charged with four counts of fraud over $5,000. However unlike the other frauds which were at most twenty thousand dollars, Ms. Sammons seems to have managed to con four people out of what amounts to $300,000. All four victims were well known to Ms. Sammons. This money was to pay for bogus cancer treatments.
Sammons is an American who came to B.C. over five years ago from West Virginia after meeting her husband online. The two had a child together. Since Sammons is not a Canadian citizen, it is probable more restrictions will be placed on her to make sure she doesn’t flee the country. Sammons appeared in court Friday. She was remanded into custody and ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment. She makes her next court appearance Dec. 16.
There have been three other notable cases of cancer fraud recently.
A Toronto man, Christopher Gordon, 39 told friends he had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and collected $3,000 through a fundraiser. He is due in court on November 30.
On Nov 9, Jessica Ann Leeder, 21, pleaded guilty in Timmins after defrauding her workplace of over $5000. The 21 year old woman had pretended to have stomach and lung cancer.
On Nov 2, Ashley Kirilow, 23, of Burlington, pleaded guilty to one count of fraud over $5,000 for her cancer hoax and is still facing six counts of fraud under $5,000. Kirilow set up a charity called Change For A Cure and solicited donations which may have amounted to as much as $20,000.

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