NDP Capitulation Is Right

Apologists can tell themselves whatever they want, oh there might be a crumb here and there, but the beloved NDP, the party that puts principle first, is about to "capitulate" in a way that would make all us Liberals proud. If this budget goes down as it appears, one is left to wonder what is the point of the NDP, the supposed moral separation from the Liberals gone, the ENTIRE political argument of the last FIVE years obliterated in the name of naked self interest.

Let’s start way, way, way back, farther back than anyone in Ottawa can entertain apparently. Go look at every single NDP press release for 2010, and you will see the CORE thesis to reject a budget they didn’t bother reading was corporate tax cuts. Google it, do yourself a favour, and the words of Layton and company will now ring more hollow than Harper speaking about accountability. If this wasn’t serious, it would be drop dead funny, but such is NDP reality as soon as the Liberals get a "spine" and the great party of theory moves to the practical world. In other words, the NDP become the Liberals when forced to play adult, a irrefutable reality that should cause pause.

I’m not really into bashing the NDP necessarily, but I can’t stomach this hypocrisy. Yesterday we have confirmation for the NDP that they’ve "dropped" the corporate tax demand. Whoa? While I know the measures were already voted on by the Liberals in the past, how can the NDP suddendly drop what was their entire economic thesis? How can the NDP play footsie with Harper on the budget and ensure another YEAR of reign? Yes, that’s right, budget support- and everyone agrees- means Harper has another year of power, you will own that, you can’t blame the Liberals for propping up anymore, when the time came to go to the "kitchen table" you hid under it because your strategists don’t fancy your chances. Period, sky is blue, don’t insult yourself with rationalizations, here it is, naked and proud.

Liberals have caved time and again, mostly because other parties are so quick to oppose, without even reading, in front of the cameras prior to words even uttered. That irresponsible approach to opposition has been championed by supporters, they bake cakes for the Liberal confidence climbdowns, they mock, they have this air of superiority. Well no more! I don’t even care if we have an election now, the intent here is clear, the NDP have already caved, now it’s just up to Harper to see if we wants to give them a face saving scrap, one everyone can bear hug as though "making Parliament work", reality lost in pushed optics, whatever, pure bullshit.

Harper and Layton had a very productive meeting yesterday, given past history, the gag reflex is warranted. Layton has laid out his paltry demands and now it’s up to Harper to see if he believes a majority is within reach. If the Conservatives conclude another minority is likely, they will give the NDP something and they will suddenly become Liberals and we will become the NDP, and rational people will wonder what the point of the last five years of voting against the government, trying to force what, 100 elections or something, was all about in the first place.

Why is that everytime the Liberals take a stand, the NDP take a knee? 

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  1. Thanks for more corporate tax cuts and more Stephen Harper, Jack Layton. I guess my old Commie friend was right about the NDP: ‘a party of the working class, led by the mcomment_IDdle class, in the interest of the ruling class.’ NDP = no difference party.

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