Paul Deya jailed for 20 years for the murder of his son

A mani has today, 4 February, been sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment at the Old Bailey for the murder of his three-year-old son in a frenzied knife attack.

Paul Deya, now 32, murdered Wilson Deya in their home on the Lynton Estate in Southwark on 23 November 2009.

The court heard how in the months before the toddler’s death, the relationship between Deya and his wife had deteriorated causing them to agree a period of separation.

It was agreed that Deya would move out, leaving his wife with the children in the family home.

On the day of the murder his wife gave their children breakfast before leaving them at home with their father whilst she went to work.

Between 16:00 and 16:30hrs she received a text from her husband which read "I wish you all the best".

She drove home where she found the front door had been bolted from inside. Receiving no response at the door, she climbed through the bathroom window into the flat which was in darkness.

She walked to the doorway of her son’s bedroom where she saw him lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Deya was also lying on the floor, bare-chested. When he saw his wife, he grabbed a kitchen knife which was by his side and chased her out of their flat.

He caught up with his wife on some external stairs where he slashed her ear, causing a deep cut.

The woman continued to run down the stairs but Deya returned to the flat and shut the door behind him.

The first police officers to arrive at the scene found a woman suffering from shock. She told them her husband had killed their children.

The officers took the keys to the flat from and let themselves in. Inside they found the lifeless body of the little boy – he had been stabbed in the abdomen and throat.

In the master bedroom they found the couples’ other child unharmed.

Deya was taken to hospital and treated for self-inflicted stab and slash wounds to his neck and abdomen.

Officers examining the flat later found a hand-written note from Deya to his wife in which he made various accusations towards her. The note also set out the disposal of his property and instructions for the burial of his body, and those of his children.

Paul Deya was convicted at the Old Bailey on 21 January.

A statement from Paul Deya’s wife:

“My little angel Wilson, taken away from us too soon by a jealous, possessive man.

“Life will never be the same without you Wilson.

“How can a man who was supposed to protect you be the monster who turned around and took your life away.

“We will always miss you and cherish the good memories we shared together during your birthdays and your every day.

“Nothing can ever replace your lovely smile and laughter. I feel so blessed by the memories you gave me.

“Your little sister misses you so much. She misses you playing with her. I know she will always hold you dear in her heart because you will always be her big brother.

“We have been left devastated. Wilson was a boy full of life. The impact on my family and friends has been traumatic. Wilson’s death has changed many lives.

“Nothing can ever bring you back but today we are glad that justice has prevailed.

“Taken away from us too soon. We will forever miss you Wilson.” 

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