Canada Election 2011: Oh, You Can Ask but Harper will not answer

Rarely does an article encapsulate naked hypocrisy is such a tidy, succinct way, but this one achieves that rare feat. Added commentary unnecessary, just the succession of quotes will tell the tale:

“We always say in all these elections in a democratic ethos, voters are never supposed to give absolute trust to anybody.They’re supposed to constantly question and that is part of the process,” Harper said.

And then:

Harper also tried to defuse fears that Conservative plans to find $4 billion in annual savings by 2015 will mean a huge impact on government operations. So far in the campaign, he has refused to single out areas that could be on the chopping block. Harper didn’t add any details Sunday, saying only that the “review of operational expenses” is to target costs that have “grown very rapidly.”

So, people are supposed to question, and I’m supposed to avoid them and when one gets through not answer it. Says it all.

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