Canada’s NDP MPs and Their Hair

What is it with NDP MPs and their hair?
Here’s a look at two Opposition MPs styling their hair while House of Commons business goes on around them:
That’s Djaouida Sellah, MP for Saint-Bruno – Saint Hubert in Quebec styling her coiffure while the business of the nation goes on uninterrupted.
Here’s the second offender:
That’s Quebec NDP MP Jonathan Genest-Jourdain who represents the people Manicouagan….and his hairstylist.
Let’s hope that this is something that the NDP’s new leader, Thomas Mulcair, will put an end to.
Some MPs are now complaining that they don’t know when the cameras in the House are actually focussed on them.  Hey people, you’re getting paid a minimum of $157,731 to actually spend a bit of your life representing the people who took the time to mark an "X" beside your name.  For most of you, this is far more than what you made while working in the "real world".  
Canada’s MPs spend precious little time actually debating the legislation that will impact Canada for generations to come; the least that they could do is actually listen to what is being said.  After all, that’s just common courtesy, something that seems to be in short supply in the House of Commons.

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