Rob Ford wants Rocco Achampong included in CP24 debates

Rob Ford wants Rocco Achampong included in CP24 debates

Mr. Ford sent an open letter to his supporters asking everyone to contact CP24.

I first want to thank you for your strong, active, and heartwarming support. I’m proud of the work we’ve done together. Over the next 40 days, we’ll keep spreading our positive message of cutting wasteful spending and increasing accountability at City Hall. I have every confidence that the voters of Toronto will elect me their next Mayor on October 25th.

I’m writing you this evening to ask you to get involved with an important issue regarding the final two televised CP24 debates. A young, bright, and articulate young man named Rocco Achampong is also running for Mayor, and I believe he should be included in the final two CP24 debates.

I’ve written a letter to CP24 myself asking them to include him, and have asked the other candidates to do so as well.

These televised debates are the only way for Mayoral candidates to get the kind of coverage necessary to put them in the running for Mayor, and I believe that since we had 6 people in the debates earlier, we should continue to have 6 candidates with Rocco Achampong joining us at the table.

I’m asking you to get involved so that, in the interest of fairness to Toronto voters, we can get him included in the next debate on September 21st.

If you agree that a television station shouldn’t shut a major candidate out of the profile these debates bring, please contact CP24 at:

Phone: 416-384-2700

Please express things in your own words, but be sure to let them know "Rocco Achamopong belongs in the CP24 debate!"

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please tune in to the debate on September 21st.

Rob Ford

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  1. Come on, Ford. This is a painfully obvious attempt to further split the non-Ford vote. His team knows he’s vulnerable with only 1/3 voter support, so he’s trying to fracture his opposition by adding more well known names on the ballot, and he will sneak through the mcomment_IDdle.

    I’m not fooled for a second!

  2. Good for taking the high road on this Rob Ford. I hope the other 4 leading candcomment_IDates share your spirit of inclusiveness. Unlike so many others, your deeds have always reflected your true nature…well done.

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