Cher Doesn’T Have To Diet – She Just Gets Taller!

You gotta give Cher some credit – she figured out a whole new way to feel thinner without giving up ice cream or the other yummy desserts she loves. She lies about her HEIGHT! Back in the 1970’s Cher admitted to being 5’6” and she still towered over her husband Sonny Bono. In the eighties she claimed to be ALMOST 5’8”, and currently she insists she is officially 5’9”. Having been to her yard sale years ago, we KNOW she is 5’5” to 5’6” at the MOST. (We tried on her clothes!) Cher figures that if she is 5’9,” she can eat more and whatever she weighs (135 lbs?) looks like LESS because she’s tall. Above, the Mamma Mia star is enjoying ice cream in St Tropez, and of course she looks great, height notwithstanding…

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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