Breaking Amish’s Jeremiah Is A Con Man

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Breaking Amish’s Jeremiah Is A Con Man

TLC should really fire the producers of “Breaking Amish” because what COULD have been a fascinating peek into another culture is turning out to be even more of a sham than The Bachelor. Jeremiah (last name Raber) is no wide-eyed teen – he’s actually 32 and divorced with three children and he hasn’t been Amish since he was 18! His ex-wife Naomi spilled the beans to a Pennsylvania news station CBS 21, and to Star magazine, AND she claims the show’s producers tried to pay her to keep quiet! She revealed that Jeremiah’s parents haven’t “shunned” him – they SPOILED him – buying him two cars and helping him out whenever he needs money. Naomi doesn’t remember a time when Jeremiah DIDN’T Have a cell phone and he’s fond of strip clubs. That big scene where he got a tattoo was particularly contrived – he actually has had the tattoo for years – it featured the name of his wife and 3 children. On the show he had his wife’s name removed, and passed it off as a brand new tattoo! TLC should be ashamed.

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