We Will Pass On Tom Hardy’s Grotesque “Capone”

Having read HORRIFYING film reviews of Tom Hardy’s Capone, (especially in Variety) we have removed it from our must-see list. Too bad, because we haven’t seen delicious Tom for quite awhile, but he is described as “unrecognizable” in the role, anyway. He plays the unattractive mobster in 1949 at the age of 47, when he was suffering from full-blown dementia caused by late stage syphilis, and living in Florida. When he isn’t slobbering on a cigar, or “retching into a bucket,” Capone was suffering from “explosive bowels” and wore baggy adult diapers. This monstrous version of a raspy-voiced Capone found him spending his days paranoid and hallucinating while recalling his violent criminal past. He wears pajamas and a bathrobe so there’s no sleek and fancy 1940’s gangster fashion, either. Tom Hardy had to pack on the pounds and shave off his hair for the part, besides enduring the repulsive makeup transformation. (All the chubby balding actors in Hollywood were busy?)

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