Obsession: What Liberace Had In Common With Calvin Klein!

While watching the delicious HBO movie “Behind the Candelabra” we were struck by the similarities between Liberace’s relationship with Scott Thorson, andCalvin Klein’s relationship with Nick Gruber. It’s the SAME story without the mink and rhinestones! Not long ago, Nick was shopping around a book about their time together and we managed to learn many of the details. Both Nick and Scott grew up in foster homes and were young and naïve when they met their celebrity boyfriends-to-be. Both Liberace and Calvin showered gifts upon their lovers- jewelry, designer clothing, and cars. (Which they eventually took BACK.) Liberace and Calvin both talked about “adopting” their boyfriends and they both had large and sometimes unusual, sex appetites. Both urged their lovers to take diet pills and had plastic surgery with them. Both young men eventually felt “trapped” like birds in a gilded cage, and turned to drugs. Drug use got both boyfriends kicked out and left stranded. Nick, who also claims to be bisexual, ALMOST followed in Scott’s footsteps and published his book, but last we heard he and Calvin were back together and on vacation.

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