Terry Richardson: Genius Or Pervert, Or Both?

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Terry Richardson: Genius Or Pervert, Or Both?

Bravo to the New York Post for their story “EXPOSING TERRY RICHARDSON, FASHION’S FAVORITE PERVERT.” For years we wondered how this sleazy photographer got away with taking advantage of young models for his highly sexualized imagery. We knew nothing about his past, but were not surprised to learn that he was a 10th grade dropout who started doing heroin at 18. His father was a fashion photographer who happened to be a bisexual bipolar schizophrenic. Terry treasures the last photo of his fun-loving late mother, above. The top photo shows Terry with Corey Feldman. Celebrities admire Richardson’s work and notoriety, but naive young models had better beware. Click HERE to read the whole sick story.

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