Looking Like George Clooney Can Lead To All Sorts Of Things…

Would you pay $8,800 to sleep with a guy who LOOKS LIKE George Clooney?A wealthy man in London offered that amount to a professional George Clooney lookalike if he would sleep with his wife as a surprise for her 40th birthday. She’s a huge fan of Clooney’s. He told the startled lookalike, Gary Tate, that he and his wife have an ‘’open marriage,” if that makes the offer sound less unsavory. Tate, who has been impersonating Clooney at parties and photo ops etc. since 1997, said no thanks. (We’re betting the wife wouldn’t be as thrilled as the husband assumes.) Click HERE to see his photo. If a lookalike gets offers like that, what kind of offers does the REAL George Clooney get?
Photo: Warner Brothers

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