For The Last Time, Tom Cruise Is Not Gay!

July is a slow month for gossip, and The National Enquirer knows that stories implying that Tom Cruise is gay sell lots of magazines, so they revisit the subject as often as possible. This time around they’re grasping at straws by quoting The New York Times. The newspaper reviewed a book called “The Actress” and surmised that a main character – a closeted gay actor – was based on Tom Cruise. Naturally, they assume that Tom is upset over the whole thing. Indeed, Tom has always taken legal action against gay accusations and won. The fact is HE IS NOT GAY! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Yes, he’s a Scientologist and he’s had three unsuccessful marriages, but there has never been a scrap of genuine evidence that he is gay. He’s a decent guy, a little uncomfortable with women, and sometimes socially awkward, but he is straight. Isn’t picking on him for being a Scientologist ENOUGH?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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