It’s nice to see Gabriel Aubry, 40, in front of the camera again. Aubry was once the highest paid male model in the industry. His marriage toHalle Berry seemed to interrupt his career. When they divorced she embarrassed as much as possible, and he dropped out of sight. (Remember when her new husband Olivier punched him in the face?) They had terrible custody battles over their daughter Nahla, 7. Halle accused Gabriel of deliberately not working and just living off her alimony. Now he’s working with Heidi Klum as spokesperson for Macy’s INC International collection. And they look good together.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Aubry and Berry were never married –they only lived together for 4.5-5 years> Berry’s only been married 3x: Davcomment_ID Justice, Eric Benet and Olivier Martinez

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