#MeToo: Nandita Das’ father Jatin Das accused of sexual harassment and forcibly kissing a woman

If you think, Bollywood is only the industry where #MeToo movement has gained momentum, and then you are probably wrong. Many professionals from varied walks of life are calling out to sexual predators and sharing their horror stories across social media and other platforms. Recently, father of feminist, social activist and actor-filmmaker Nandita Das, Jatin Das has been accused of sexual harassment. It comes as a shock to many considering the way his daughter Nandita has voiced out against every crime especially the ones against women and children. Nisha Bora, co-founder of Elrhino Paper has accused Jatin Das of trying to forcibly kiss her.

#MeToo: Nandita Das’ father Jatin Das accused of sexual harassment and forcibly kissing a woman

In recent reports, Nisha Bora spoke about her story and her experience with Jatin Das when she was interviewed regarding her social media post. The entrepreneur mentioned about sharing her story on an Instagram page called Scene and Herd wherein many of the sexual harassment survivors are given a platform to speak about what they have faced by far. While some of them have named their predators, the others chose to remain silent about using theirs or the predators’ identity. However, the post against Jatin Das has been used with his name.

Speaking on the same, Nisha expressed shock over the way he behaves with women and has asserted that he has been doing this for years and she is just one of the survivors. She also stated that she has been warned about him in the past too by colleagues and that everyone in the art world is aware of his philandering ways with women. Furthermore, Nisha also accused him of molesting her while forcibly trying to kiss her. When she confronted some before sharing about the details on social media, she became aware of many survivors who have faced a similar situation in the hands of Das.

On the other hand, the post shared online revealed another survivor’s encounter with Jatin Das wherein she stated that when she was about to join him as his assistant, he asked her to change into night clothes and come to his bedroom.

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Despite all the allegations, Nisha Bora also asserted that none of it is about Nandita Das. After assuring the same, Nisha continued with her allegations wherein she also expressed surprise that no one has come forward as yet to share further stories on Jatin Das and sexual misconduct.

On the other hand, Jatin Das has denied all these allegations. He declared that he had no knowledge of any such thing and that #MeToo campaign can also feature concocted stories. He also maintained that no one would behave like this when they are in public space and also that he doesn’t remember meeting Nisha Bora. He further went on to speak his side of the story adding that it is very upsetting for him to deal with such allegations and one cannot do anything if someone is accusing you of something that you have no memory of. He further didn’t make any statement maintaining that he is in too much of a shock and has no idea on what to say on the matter.

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