Me Too: Kate Sharma withdraws case against Subhash Ghai

Despite the major uproar that continued with the Me Too movement until a few days ago, the campaign seems to have been losing momentum currently. Kate Sharma, one of the struggling actresses, was amongst the alleged victims of sexual harassment, who had then accused filmmaker Subhash Ghai of misconduct. After the case went to the police, Sharma was summoned to record her statement on the case. Now, reports have it that she has decided to withdraw the case to fulfill responsibilities towards her family.

Me Too: Kate Sharma withdraws case against Subhash Ghai

A couple of months ago, Tanushree Dutta created a major uproar about how she encountered sexual harassment by two major celebrities – Nana Patekar and filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri. While there has been a legal recourse being taken on her allegations, Kate Sharma has decided to stay away from the legal system. Four days ago, Kate decided to withdraw the case citing her mother’s illness and her current responsibilities towards her parents. The model turned actress also mentioned that she was fed up with the jibes that came her way for speaking up against one of the most renowned Bollywood figures, Subhash Ghai.

In media reports, it has been confirmed by Mumbai police officials wherein they have stated that when they approached Kate Sharma recently for a detailed statement on what transpired that evening on August 6, the model turned actress asked for extra time. She was tending to her ailing mother and the police revealed that were keen on taking the inquiry and investigation ahead in the case. However, four days ago, Kate informed them about withdrawing a case in a written note.

On the other hand, Kate Sharma did speak about the recent developments where she also mentioned that they were in shock when they heard her case because they weren’t aware of what happened with her. She also maintained that she doesn’t have the time to roam around behind the case because of her ailing mother.

Sharma also elaborated how Me Too movement has now become a joke with people making fun of the way the victims are being treated in the case. She let out her steam against the officials and authorities who have failed to take action against the alleged despite many women coming out and sharing their stories.

For the uninitiated, Kate Sharma had stated in earlier media reports that she was good friends with Subhash Ghai, who in the name of giving her a big break in films, had asked her to massage him in front of people. She went on to accuse him of groping her and forcibly trying to kiss her during the event and had revealed this encounter to media, followed by which the police was expected to take action in the case. Subhash Ghai, however, had taken to social media to deny all the claims, calling it a publicity gimmick for someone who wants a short lived fame.

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