The truth about the accident at the Bachchans’ Diwali party

There has been a lot of reporting, false as it turns out be, regarding the accident at the Bachchans’ Diwali party where Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s publicist was injured when her inflammable clothes caught fire.

The truth about the accident at the Bachchans’ Diwali party

According to reports that were widely circulated on the day after Diwali, Aishwarya’s publicist was rescued from a catastrophic accident by none other than Shah Rukh Khan who rushed to the lady’s rescue and doused the fire.

However a very prominent guest at the Bachchan bash who was a first-hand witness to what transpired says Shah Rukh was nowhere in the picture. “Archana Sadanand (Aishwarya’s publicist) was walking down the stairs when her dupatta caught fire in a deeya. In no time at all her clothes were aflame. Everyone was too stunned to do anything. It was Aishwarya who rushed and tore away the burning portion of Archana’s dupatta,” says the eyewitness.

We wonder where Shah Rukh Khan came into the picture, and who decided to make him the hero of the story. Incidentally Archana Sadanand is still in the hospital recovering from her burn injuries. Luckily her face did not get singed.

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