Adah Sharma shoots for PETA

Adah Sharma

Being the godmother for all animal lovers, PETA has always come up with interesting campaigns to promote their agenda involving celebrities, and this time joining their league is Adah Sharma.

Dressed like a bird in artificial feathers who is caged as a pet, Adah Sharma truly believes in protecting and fighting for animal rights. She was so was involved in this campaign that the actress took the pains of doing her own make-up. "I have a special bond with animals in general. I am a pure vegetarian since birth and as I would like to think, that it is since the past seven janams," says the actress.

The actress has been quite sensitive about this issue and feels it is very important for us to protect these animals. She says, "People steal birds away from their natural habitat. Educated people in urban areas use birds as a part of their house decoration because they love them. Keeping the birds in cages is completely unfair."

Not ending at that, the actress also gives us an insight on how birds face death while being captured and caged as pets. "The birds are captured in a very torturous way and many die during the process. 70% of them die during transport. They are transported in boxes and most of them die out of panic. In cities, people aren't aware of the plight," says Adah.

But despite her love for animals, Adah is not very fond of keeping pets. Ask her the reason for it and she has a logical answer. "I think it's very unfair to keep cats and dogs in a flat because they need a place to run around. I think these domestic animals should not be left in a claustrophobic flat," she says.

Well, we respect Adah's concern for these living beings and hope more people start caring about animals.

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