Perfect or Not So Perfect-Overload’s Nimmi Nimmi

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The achievements of Overload’s band was remarkable in the past decades resulted in their being known as one of the biggest acts to have come out of Pakistan in recent times. This internationally triumphant, critically acclaimedrock band has topped the music charts unbeatably. The electrifying performances by the band with meaningful concept seem almost extinct in Pakistan. The band’s recent music videos are a luminous example of their imaginatively.

Overload has managed to surpass expectations yet again with the release of their soulful balled ‘Nimmi Nimmi’ which is supported by a powerful video showing a life of a materialistic man who is lavishly living life in royalty but still misses his forlorn lover. With the release of ‘Nimmi Nimmi’, Overload has made its presence known once again.

Farhad Humayun directed the video for ‘Nimmi Nimmi‘ himself and has proved his technical strong side and imaginative insights. There are some exquisite technical shots (one of two eagles soaring in the sky and some that very well utilize the smoke coming from a cigarette).

Focusing primarily on the video, Humayun has done a good job with the artistic. The mood is dark and the video is mostly monochrome with pops of color here and there (such as his yellow Porsche sports car and his estranged lover’s maroon pout). The song is fairly catchy with touching lyrics and funky bass vibes. The groovy beats that constitute Overload’s signature style is maintained with great sanctity.

The overall look and feel of the video instigates sorrow and discontentment. We see the object of his affection in flashbacks doing mundane things like cooking and listening to music. In some angles, Humayun even resembles Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman!

Overload has put a lot of thought into this video. Symbolism can be spotted if you look hard enough. At one point, Humayun and his ex-lover are tugging at opposite ends of a cloth indicating a power struggle. Could that be the reason for their resentment? The video leaves you in wonderment.

The critics have a different point of view as they are considering this video as a repetitive attempt and are not so perfect.Humayun’s lip-syncing could have been better.

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