Why is Aamir Khan getting up early these days

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Why is Aamir Khan getting up early these daysAamir Khan loves to get into the skin of each character he plays. The actor strives hard in doing things in its best demand. One can see this in his last few films like 3 Idiots, PK, etc.
Mr. Khan enjoys experimenting with his roles on screen, and takes the audience with a storm. We are all aware about the fact that he has gained plenty of kilos for his upcoming film ‘Dangal’. According to all, he is done with his preparation and has now taken a step ahead.
Apparently, the actor is getting up early these days and preparing for his role as a wrestler by setting up a special daily routine.
He is also following a set diet plan and investing a lot of his time at the gym. To give his best to the role, he is learning basic wrestling and counter attack skills. Mainly, because when the audience look at him on the screen, their faith in him should strengthen and they can relate with him.
Body language and attitude are also a few things that he is working hard upon. few months ago, Actor Tiger Shroff was heard saying that Aamir is 20 years ahead of other actors and now we completely believe in what he said was right.
Dangal is expected to release in the year 2016.
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